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Ethiopian Space Scientist Kitaw Ejigu



This Site is Built in Memory of Engineer Kitaw Ejigu. His love for his motherland and the Ethiopian people and, his vision of democratic governance will endure, and his sacrifice will not be in vain! We will continue to be inspired by the ideals that he set for our organization to make Ethiopia a safe, democratic and prosperous nation.






Ethiopia's Natural Resources 

Ethiopia is not a poor country!

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Senator Ted Kennedy and President Barack Obama - Friends in need and friends in deed


Senator Ted Kennedy Dies After Cancer Battle

Final Goodbye for Senator Edward Moore Kennedy (video ABC 08/30/09)

President Obama's Eulogy for Senator Ted Kennedy (NY Daily News 08/30/09)

Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia Entry on Ted Kennedy

Part Two of Germany Listens as German Ethiopians Protest the Authoritarian Meles Regime!:Will You Become Part of the Collective Voice of the Ethiopian Diaspora? (Solidarity Movement 08/14/09)

Ethiopian Genocide - International Criminal Court Evidence-Video (Solidarity Movement)

The Meles Fendataw Show By EthioSpot Ethiopian Social Network

Tamerat Layene Exposed-Yeleba Ayenedere (Video by Ethiofekade)

'Several Dead' in Somali Clashes (BBC 08/23/09)

Somali Forces Battling al Qaeda-Linked Militants (CNN 08/21/09)

EPRDF Regimes Business Climate Worsening, President of Chamber of Commerce Says (Bloomberg 08/19/09)

Southern Region Gripped by Food Shortage (IRIN 08/11/09)

Clinton Threatens Eritrea Action (BBC 08/06/09)

Riot Police Crack Down on Iranian Dictatorship Protesters (Newsweek 06/22/09)

What Do Tigrean (Woyane) Marxists and Iranian Theocrats Have in Common?: Both Create Martyrs for Democracy (Islamist Ayatollah Khamenei and Communist Tsar Meles Zenawi Spill Blood to Stay in Power - But Millions of Ethiopian patriots and Iranian NEDAs can not be stopped by Meles' Agazi Killers or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Basij Terrorists (Images by Newsweek 06/22/09)


Iran's 'Angel of Freedom' Neda Soltan Vowed to Protest Against Injustice (Foxnews 06/23/09)

al-Shabab Court Postpones Amputations, Citing Weather (AFP 06/23/09)

Kenya Rejects Call for Military Help in Somalia (CNN 06/22/09)

Somali MP Gunned Down in Mogadishu (BBC 06/19/09)

Kenyan Mau Mau Veterans to Sue UK (BBC 05/11/09)


Meles Zenawi Sends at Least 55 Victims of His Terrorist Regime to African Guantanamo Camp in Ethiopia - Press Release Issued by The Ethiopian National United Front (ENUF), May 15, 2009

55 Political Prisoners Sentenced After 3-year Ordeal (Independent source Ethiomedia  05/11/09)

Ethiopias Opposition Cancels Public Meeting, Blames TPLF Regime (Sudan Tribune 05/27/09)


TPLF Terrorist Regime Again Denied Bail to Political Prisoners it Claims are Conspiracy Suspects (VOA 05/25/09)


U.N. Council Unanimously Condemns North Korea Nuclear Test (Reuters 05/26/09)

Somali President Calls for Help in Battling Islamist Militias (CNN 05/25/09)

Gov't Imposes Air, Sea Blockade in Insurgent-run South-Central Somalia (Xinhuanet 05/26/09)

Fresh Fighting Kills Five in Somali Capital- Shaibia Accused of Insiting al-Shebab and Hezb al-Islamiya Fighters (AFP 05/23/09)

'Exiled for Life' in Somali Camp-Dadaab in North-Eastern Kenya (BBC 05/15/09)


Genocide Watch Calls on UN to Initiate Action Against Zenawi (Anyuakmedia 03/31/09)

Previous Reports:Today is the Day of Killing Anuaks (Genocide Watch 02/25/04)

The Eight Stages of Genocide by Dr. Gregory Stanton: Watch Video Presentation

Meles Zenawi and Digital Images of Genocide (wardheernews 06/20/08)
Operation Sunny Mountain: TPLF Soldiers Killing Anuaks in Ethiopia (Allthingspass 12/13/04)

Tories Urge Deportation Review of Ex-Guantnamo Detainee (Telegraph 03/14/09)

Water Pipe Sparks Ethiopian Deadly Ethnic Conflict -Legacy of TPLF/EPLF Incubation of Racism (BBC 03/13/09)

Key Quotes from Binyam Mohamed Former Guantanamo Bay Prisoner (BBC 03/13/09)


AU Peacekeepers to Stay in Somalia 3 More Months (IHT 03/12/09)

Somali President Courts Insurgents (Washington Post 03/12/09)

Blast Kills Security Official in Somali Capital (VOA 03/11/09)

In China the god-fathers of the Tigrean Maoists Make Would-Be Protesters Pay a Price- Addis Abeba Hotels Comply With Zenawi's Order to Slaughter Dogs for Chinese Advisors (40 heads cut-off found in a dump behind hotel)

Somali Americans Recruited by Extremists (Washington Post 03/11/09)


Kenya Murders Draw Protests, Calls for Independent Probe, FBI Offers Assistance (VOA 03/10/09)

2 Kenyan Rights Activists Slain (Washington Post 03/07/09)

112 Ethiopians, 76 Somalis Arrive In Yemen (Bernama 03/06/09)

Meles Zenawi Bemoans the Arrest Warrant Against Compatriot Sudanese Tyrant-Slams ICC Decision (Sudan Tribune 03/05/09)


BROTHERS-IN-BLOOD - Meles Zenawi (left) and Mengistu Haile Mariam:Marxist butchers of Africa The Ethiopian people may hit two birds of feather with one stone!             Graphic Image courtesy 

Bloodthirsty Gangsters Maybe Reunited in Ethiopia (Times Online 02/05/09) "Next week the Zimbabwe opposition Movement for Democratic Change will enter a unity government with Zanu (PF) and Nelson Chamisa, its chief spokesman, told The Times yesterday that Mengistus extradition to Ethiopia would be high on the agenda of that new administration." Currently, Mengistu's whereabouts in Harare are unknown.


US Department of State 2008 Human Rights Reports Critical of TPLF Tyrany (US State Department 02/25/09)

Attacks on the Press in 2008: Ethiopia (Committee to Protect Journalists: 2008 Report

Zimbabwean Politicians Adopt Unity Government Amendment, Swearing-in Next Week (AP 02/05/09)

Two Tyrants, Museveni and Gaddafi Apparently Clash at AU Summit (Daily Monitor, 02/06/09)


Brian Adkins, US State Department employee and GW University alumnus (GWHatchet Photo)

US Diplomat Died in Addis Abeba, Death Being Investigated as Homicide:Meles Zenawi Pushing the Envelop at His Peril (GW University- Hatchet 02/05/09) "Brian Adkins, who graduated in 2007, worked for the State Department as a Foreign Service officer stationed in Ethiopia's capital city, Addis Ababa. Representatives from the State Department said Wednesday that Adkins died on Saturday, but would not give further details because it was an ongoing homicide investigation."



Dr. Bekele Molla- ENUF Representative Served on Obama's Presidential Inauguration Committee (01/20/09)  Watch ENUF Video of Inauguration

President Barack Obama (File Photo)

2 Million celebrated Obama's Inauguration in Washington DC (Photo BM) 


President Barack Obama

Obama Says to TPLF Tyrants 'Unclench Your Fist': "To Those Who Cling to Power Through Corruption and Deceit, and the Silencing of Dissent , Know That You are on the Wrong Side of History." "The line of tribes shall soon dissolve." (Washington Post Video  01/21/09)



Presidents George H. Bush (left), Barack Obama. George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter (Photo by Doug Mills/ The New York Times)


Five US Presidents Past and Future Gather at the White House (New York Times 01/07/09) Obama says "In one week, we can choose hope over fear, unity over division, the promise of change over the power of the status quo. We can come together as one nation, and one people, and once more choose our better history. That's what's at stake,"  

Ethiopians will soon free themselves from ethnocentric tyranny and live as one people under God and one nation.

Ethiopian Mothers Whose Children Were Cut-down Following Peaceful Demonstrations Seen Here Whaling After Meles Zenawi Lost the 2005 Elections and Resorted to Ethnic Genocide

Kenya Anger Over Massacre Burial (BBC 01/07/09) - One Wonders What Zenawi Did With Those He Ruthlessly Massacred During the Last 30 years? Please Help Us in Compiling A Complete List. 

Ghana's President-elect John Atta-Mills (left) and rival ruling-party candidate Nana Akufo-Addo Beacons of African democracy  (AP Photo)


World Leaders Congratulate Ghana on Democratic Election (VOA 01/05/09) "World leaders are congratulating Ghana on successful democratic elections that saw the opposition candidate defeat his ruling-party rival by fewer than 41,000 votes."  

Compare and contrast what happened in Ghana in 2008-2009 and what transpired in Ethiopia in 2005. The Kinijit defeated the ruling TPLF neo-fascists in 2005 by a larger margin and ended up with 200 of its supporters massacred, hundreds of thousands incarcerated and the entire leadership imprisoned and tortured for almost two years. The opposition coalition was eventually systematically dismembered. One of the Kinijit leaders Birtukan Mideksa was re-arrested and thrown to jail in December 2008 simply because she made a statement to the press that her release from prison in 2007 was based on negotiated (with Meles Zenawi) political deals and NOT judicial findings of crime committed against the state. Her statement was based on factual information that Zenawi the pathological lair finds toxic to his megalomaniac stupidity.


Burundi Defense Minister Said More Troops Were Needed for Somalia "Very Quickly" and added "If our conditions are not met, it's normal that our troops will be withdrawn" (BBC 01/05/09)

Woyanes Abort TFG in Somalia to Extract Themselves From the Quagmire They Created (VOA 01/05/09)

TPLF Tyrant Seyoum Mesfin Tells Somali Surrogate Warlords to Ignore the Djibouti Accord (VOA 01/05/09)

Genocide Warrant Against ai-Bashir Expected Soon as His Main Rival Meets With George W. Bush (Guardian  01/05/09)


Will 2009 Become the Year of Ethiopian Independence from Dictators? (Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia  01/04/09)

Uganda to Review Somalia Deployment (New Vision  01/04/09)

The Vanquished Chairman of the Marxist Leninist League of Tigray Declares No al-Shabaab in Somali Peace Talks (Press TV  01/03/09)

Defeated Zenawi Brags No Power Vacuum After "Successful Withdrawal" from Somalia (AFP  01/03/09)

Insurgents in Somalia Take Over Police Posts Abandoned by Retreating TPLF Mercenary Troops (New York Times  01/03/09)

TPLF Says It Will Complete Somalia Withdrawal 'Within Days'  (VOA  01/03/09)


Israeli Forces Enter Gaza Strip (Washington Post  01/03/09)

Cubans Mark Half-Century of Revolution: Just like in Marxist Ethiopia, Cuba today is a "fertile country where many fields lay fallow and the government had to spend $2.6 billion in cash for food shipments from the United States in 2008." "[And] the flight of many of its own people, who have thrown themselves into leaky inner tubes to cross the 90 miles of ocean to Florida" continues. (Washington Post 01/02/09)


Zenawi Begins Somalia Pullout, Scramble for Power Begins (Washington Post 01/03/09)

Laden TPLF Mercenary Troops Seen Leaving Mogadishu (Reuters 01/02/09)

Meles Zenawi Says Final Somalia Pullout Under Way (AFP 01/01/09)

TPLF Leader Zenawi  Begins Somalia Pullout of Mercenary Troops (BBC 01/02/09)

Seven Civilians, Two Mercenary Soldiers Killed in Somalia (AFP  01/01/09)

Ethiopian Separatists Accuse TPLF Regime of Killing 48 Civilians (Bloomberg 01/01/09)

Meles Zenawi Orders the 'Arrest' of Former Mogadishu Mayor Omar (ANGOP 01/01/09)



Somali Insurgents Vow to Keep Fighting (IHT 12/31/08)

TPLF Mercenaries Seen Packing in Somalia No Signs of Departure (UPI 12/31/08)

At Least 10 Civilians Killed in Somali Capital (VOA  12/31/08)

Lawyer Urges Action on Canadian Jailed in Ethiopia (The Star 12/31/08)


Birtukan Mideksa, Head of the opposition party Union for Democracy and Justice (UDJ) (BBC Photo)

Meles Zenawi Issues Life Sentence for Opposition Leader Birtikan Mideksa (BBC 12/30/08) The concocted current charge of treason was resuscitated because "she talked about negotiations which had taken place between the opposition (that defeated Zenawi's TPLF party in 2005) and EPRDF, with the help of a panel of elders, before their pardon was granted."

"The TPLF/EPRDF prefers to lay emphasis on a document signed by the prisoners, regretting any mistakes they had committed and asking for pardon."

"This implies that their release was part of a normal judicial process, rather than in any way part of a negotiated political deal."


Will Obama Administration Make Africa a Priority? (VOA 12/31/08)

TPLF Mercenary Forces Will Leave Somalia This Month Says Spokesman (AP 12/30/08)

Somali TFG President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed Resigns (VOA  12/29/08)


Gwynne Dyer

Ethiopia Will Back Off Somalia by Gwynne Dyer, New Vision 12/21/08  "The Darwin Awards commemorate very stupid people who did a service to human evolution by accidentally removing themselves from the gene pool. The statesman's equivalent could be called something like the Cheney-Zenawi Award."



Green Famine in Ethiopia (The Real News  08/17/08)

Africa Hungry for Better Leadership (Washington Post  04/23/08)

Ethiopia's New Famine: 'A Ticking Time Bomb' (USATODAY  08/17/08) "...A bottomless dependency  Beneath the system designed to stave off famine, Ethiopian agriculture is weaker than ever. Per-capita farm production has fallen by more than one-third since the famine of 1984-85, largely because the population has doubled up to an average of 5.4 children per family and the average farm plot has gotten smaller and drier. The "green revolution" that transformed agriculture in Asia and Latin America after World War II largely bypassed Africa. Most Ethiopians farm as their ancestors did - with oxen, wooden plows and rainfall. Farmers agree the latter has become increasingly unreliable."

Meles Zenawi- Secretary General of the Marxist Leninist League of Tigray (MLLT) has confiscated private property; and imposed a totalitarian centrally controlled economy designed to enrich a few of his TPLF cadres at the expense of the starving population.

"They [Marxist politburo leaders] talk about free market, but you don't see it," said economist Befekadu Degefe, a government critic. "They see the private sector as a threat, as competition, so they try to eliminate it."


Despite Lush Fields, Ethiopia in Famine (Chicago Tribune  08/08/08)  "In an interview, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi emphasized that the current crisis masks dramatic progress." The oxymoronic  Marxist tyrant often has fabricated excuses for his failures.  He usually points his fingers at others for example "accusing the United Nations of exaggerating the number of malnourished children. "Meles' exasperation with those who portray Ethiopia as desperate and needy was evident. "I'm telling those people to go to hell," he said. "Ethiopians are not hapless."

Meles added, "This emergency is occurring in an environment of spectacular success in agriculture," However, here is how an Ethiopian farmer puts the reality on the ground -- "Farmer Mohammed Kedir, 23, dreams of the day when he can own his own plot of land. If he owned the land, Kedir said, he might experiment with more-profitable crops, and he said he'd take better care of the soil. "But if the government can take my land at any time," he said, "what's the point of trying so hard?"
Los Angeles Times


Tewodros Kassahun

Tewodros Kassahun a victim of Meles Zenawi's terrorist tyranny in Ethiopia


In Ethiopia, Jailed Singer Tewodros Kassahun is a Political Symbol (Los Angles Times  08/11/08) "..."The international community espouses ideas about good governance, transparency and human rights, but then they help a regime that flouts and violates those fundamental rights," said [ Araaya, the opposition official." "..."Before, when we were operating in a full-fledged dictatorship, you knew what you could and couldn't do," said one Ethiopian, who was afraid to be identified. "Now there is more openness, but you don't know where the line is -- until you've crossed it.""

Hail, Worms and Floods Hurt Drought-Prone Ethiopia (Reuters 07/23/08)           Meles Zenawi Gives Djibouti's Guelleh Farmland-Officials (Reuters 07/23/08)        'We Want Woyanes to Withdraw as Criminals' Aweys (Garoweonline 7/23/08)          Ethiopia Needs $211 Million in Additional Food Aid, UN Says (Bloomberg 7/22/08)                        Ethiopia Needs to Curb Spending As `Imbalances' Grow, IMF Says (Bloomberg 07/22/08)             UN Seeks Urgent Cash For Ethiopia Food Aid (Gulf Times  07/22/08)

Desperation as Ethiopia's Hunger Grows (BBC Video Report by Gavin Hewitt 06/09/08) An Indisputable Legacy of the TPLF/EPLF Tyranny and Terror. Shame on George W. Bush who Nursed the Two Terrorist Organization Into Creating Bankrupt and Corrupt Economic and Development Policies in Collusion With the Chinese Communist Party!


An Ethiopian woman holds her severely malnourished child  Photo by Reuters June 2008

Ethiopia Facing New Famine With 4.5 Million Children in Danger of Starvation (Reuters 06/05/08) "Ethiopia is facing a new famine as drought and rising food prices threaten starvation for 4.5 million children, aid agencies warned. 

Children under five are worst affected with more than 75,000 suffering from severe malnutrition and in need of urgent care, according to Unicef.

An estimated 3.4 million Ethiopians will need emergency food aid over the next three months while nearly double that figure are at risk of malnutrition.

The World Food Programme estimates that 75 million is needed to help look after those children at risk of hunger."


Kenya Opposition Chased by Police (BBC 01/16/08) The situation is tense as opposition supporters protest  AFP/BBC Photo

Mwai Kibaki's Troops Beating Opposition demonstrator in Kenya Getty Images PHOTOS: Kenya in Crisis Following Elections

193 Ethiopian Peaceful Protesters of Election Fraud 'Massacred' on October 19 2005 by Meles Zenawi's Troops AP Photo

Meles Zenawi Police Beating youth demonstrators in Ethiopia  AP Photo

Meles Zenawi                    Isaias Afeworki

Dueling Dictators: These two ruthless tyrants should be as close as descendants of the remnants of the Tigrean feudalists of the last millennium. So why are the cantankerous dictators on the verge of waragain? By Jason McLure  Newsweek Web Exclusive 11/28/07

Angry demonstrators march through Mogadishu, Somalia, on Friday to denounce the TPLF troop occupation

Human Rights for Ethiopians in the Next Millennium

BETRAYAL OF DEMOCRACY Film Show in Washington DC November 17, 2007 4.00 pm - 8.00 pm  Unification Church (1610 Columbia Road, NW)  Call (202) 462-5700 or (703) 462-1694 for more information.


Saint Gebre Mesqel Lalibela -  Legend Has It TV/VOA Image

Ethiopia's 'New Jerusalem' Major Draw for Christian Pilgrims (VOA  10/30/07) "The rock-hewn churches of Lalibela are among Ethiopia's crowning glories, recognized internationally as a unique and important site. Built in the early 1200s by King Lalibela, the churches continue to draw pilgrims from around the world and are a testament to the grandeur of the millennium that has just passed in Ethiopia. Cathy Majtenyi visited Lalibela and files this report for VOA."

"Eritreans stand in long lines for milk and other staples at stores. Shoppers sometimes wait for hours for a single loaf of bread." Photo by Shawn Baldwin for The New York Times

Resentment and Rations as Isaias Afeworki's Eritrea Nears a Crisis (New York Times 10/16/07)

"....But a man named George, who walks Asmaras streets with a baseball cap pulled down low because he is part of an underground opposition cell, said that was ridiculous. Weve been stoic long enough, he said, adding that such criticism was not allowed and that if he gave his full name, he would be jailed. We didnt fight all these years for this."


193 Ethiopian Peaceful Protesters 'Massacred' on October 19 2005 -We urge Ethiopians around the world to commemorate with protest the second anniversary of the TPLF regime sponsored violence. Meles Zenawi who orchestrated and led the brutal suppression of democratic and human rights must be held personally responsible and accountable. 

International News and Events Links

Haile Selassie I International Development Foundation







Colonel Asrat Bogale Once Again Dismissed - and leaves behind a legacy of deception, ethnic divisiveness, character assassination, and embezzlement of funds that were raised for patriots. On June 2, 2006, Asrat was dismissed from his temporary chairmanship of Ethiopian National United Front (ENUF) formerly headed by Scientist Kitaw Ejigu, after only four months in office. Some members of ENUF were manipulated by Asrat into forming a break-away organization, the Ethiopian National United Patriotic Front (ENUPF). Having discovered the true colors of Asrat Bogale in the span of four months,  the Central Committee of ENUPF has now dismissed Asrat and dissolved the Central Committee. Ethiopian patriots beware. Do not be swindled by this individual whose history of deception goes back to the era of the DERG and later his role in the Ethiopian Democratic Union (EDU).  Read ENUPF Press Release (10/11/06)


Coming Storm in Somalia Threatens Regional War (Guardian, 12/14/06) "Watching Somalia right now is like standing on a beach, waiting for a category five hurricane to hit. The storm is approaching fast, there seems little that can be done, and the ensuing destruction will be terrible - and far-reaching. The looming Somali cataclysm threatens to spark a regional war, suck in east African and Arab actors, and create a dangerous new theatre in the polarising, global contest between western power and Islamist jihadism. Somalia has the potential to make Darfur look like a little local difficulty." RELATED STORIES: Regional War May Loom in Africa (Washington Post, 12/14/06) " PHOTOS: Meles Zenawi Troops Incursion (pay attention to photo #13) PHOTOS:'Warlords of Water' - Interview: Meles Zenawi (Meles says he has had enough blood and wants a break to sober up!)

The states highlighted in red (including Ethiopia) bear the marks of failed states on a global index. Country Indicator Scorecard


The Woyane regime headed by Meles Zenawi has created a corrupt, inapt, poverty stricken terrorist state manifested by weak military and civil service; poorly trained and corrupt police force and judiciary.  There is not even a semblance of democracy in Ethiopia.

Meles Zenawi's Tragic-Comedy in the Chambers of the EPRDF/Woyane So Called "Parliament" ( 02/12/07 Click on Link and then the pictures to watch video

A drama produced by Zenawi at Dedebit and played by Seyoum Mesfin,  Girma Wolde Georgis, Kemal Bedri, Teshome Toga, Tarekegn Imagnu, Negasso Giddada, Beyene Petros, and Marara Gudinna. A theater staged to smear Ethiopia's history and her people's struggle to establish democracy. A futile attempt by the US Department of State to legitimize Meles Zenawi authoritarian regime's 2005 corrupted parliamentary elections "victory" and the incarceration and fallacious charges of crime against Engineer Hailu Shawel et. al.  A must see video that exposes the hypocrisy of the George W. Bush presidency. Remember US Charge D' Affairs Vickie Huddleston concocted this broth of "parliamentarians" and threw the legitimate peoples' representatives who refused to participate in this charade into the dungeons.


Ethiopia Related Current Events Highlights


Comments, Opinions, Views, and Reports

Worlds Hungry Swell to 852 Million Despite Promises to Eradicate Hunger: UN Expert (10/26/06)

Ethiopia: Soviet School - More Disturbing News from a Former Aid Darling of the West (10/26/06)

Monitoring Cropland Vegetation in Ethiopia by Relief Web (Source: European Commission) Full Report (pdf* format 1.44 MB)

Vast African Lake Levels Dropping Fast (12/09/06)

Life Among Kenya's Turkana Nomads (11/18/06)

Echoes of '84 Famine as Drought Then Flood Hit Ethiopia (11/16/06)

AFRICA: Worst Hit by Global Warming, Least Prepared to Tackle Climate Change - Experts (11/05/06)

Ethiopia Caught in Dangerous Cycle of Drought and Floods (11/05/06)

Scientists Gather to Witness the Birth of a New Landscape (11/02/06)

The people of Afar gaze at the new phenomena. (Guardian Photo) Ethiopia is rich and full of wonders. We must protect her from Marxist and capitalist crusaders and their  mercenaries who are engaged in smear campaigns to exploit her resources. A Continent Splits Apart (03/15/06) Click on Photo to see large image

Researchers Scratch the Earths Surface to Get a Closer Look at Seismic Activity in Ethiopia (02/16/07)

Climate Change to Make One Billion Refugees Says Christian Aid (Reuters 05/14/07)


US to Create Africa Military Command ( -afp- 02/06/07) "WASHINGTON (AFP) - The Pentagon will create a new regional command for Africa to oversee US military   activities on the continent, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates has said. Gates, who made the announcement Tuesday in testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee, said  President George W. Bush had decided to stand up the new command, creating a fifth regional command led by a four star officer." "....Gates has said that he Pentagon will create a new regional command for Africa to oversee US military activities on the continent." RELATED STORY: US to Get Africa Command Centre (, 02/06/07)

US Trained Meles Zenawi Aagazi Troops Suffer Heavy Causalities; "Anti-Terrorist Offensive" Spurs Deadly Violence in Somali Capital  ( -afp, 03/30/07)  MOGADISHU (AFP) - Seven Ethiopian soldiers were killed on Thursday in Mogadishu, and two of their bodies dragged through the streets amid heavy fighting sparked by an Ethiopian offensive against insurgents. Dozens of men and women pulled the bodies of two soldiers though the street, shouting "We will kill the Ethiopian troops", while five other bodies in Ethiopian uniforms lay on the ground in the southern district of Shirkole." 

EDITORIAL NOTE (03/30/07): Unlike the Ethiopia Mothers Who Were Slaughtered While Trying to Save Their Children, Somali Insurgents are Armed and Ready to Fight Meles Zenawi Mercenaries. "As the situation in Somalia unraveled differently than expected, we had to withdraw troops gradually in two rounds. Hence, two-thirds of our troops have been withdrawn so far," Meles said in a speech to his EPRDF parliament."  Obviously, the coward descendant of traitor Bandas thought he would be facing unarmed women and youth in Mogadishu as he did in Addis Abeba.  For him the worst is yet to come. Donald Yamamoto will not be able to save Zenawi! We had warned in an editorial in December 2006 that the current scenario will unravel in Somalia. Our warning was, as usual, brazenly ignored by the US Department of State. Refresh your memory Dr. Yamamoto: Meles Zenawi's Plot to Destabilize Ethiopia by Dragging Her Into Ethno-Religious Conflicts in East Africa (12/02/06)

Somali Insurgents Engaged in Pitched Battle with Meles Zenawi's Troops (03/30/07)

Somalia Car Bomb Kills Four (02/19/07)

Peacekeeping Protests in Somalia (AP 02/08/07)

Somalis Protest Foreign Peacekeepers (AP  02/01/07)

Mogadishu Police Hit in Latest Somalia Violence (AP 01/28/07)

AP Photo - Somalis block a road in the capital city of Mogadishu on Saturday, 12/30/06 by setting fire to tires and branches.


A Somali woman is carried by relatives into Medina Hospital, Mogadishu, after she was hit by shrapnel during fighting in Mogadishu, 18 Apr 2007"  AP Photo


At Least 10 Dead in Renewed Mogadishu Violence (voa, 04/18/07)

 Fighting in Mogadishu kills at least seven (reuters, 04/18/07) 

Fresh Fatalities in Somali Clash (bbc, 04/18/07)

Somali insurgents resisting Meles Zenawi's Aagazi occupation troops. He has now resorted to holding secret talks to pull himself out of the state sponsored terrorism violence that he exported from Ethiopia to Somalia. AP Photo

Meles Zenawi Engages in Secret Talks With Islamists, Looking for a Way Out of the Quagmire He Created (, 08/04/07) "Mogadishu 04, August.07 (Sh.M.Network)- The leaders of Somalia's routed Union of Islamic Courts and the Ethiopian government have reportedly been having undisclosed dialog, according to Asharqalawsat, the Arabic online newspaper based in London. The paper reported that no results have yet to come out from the secret talks. An Islamist leader, who asked to remain anonymous, confirmed that [Ethiopia] and Somalia's Islamists were negotiating, but he did not say if the talks have been done through telephone or meeting, Asharqalawsat said."

BROTHERS IN BLOOD - Meles Zenawi.and Mengistu Haile Mariam  Graphic Image courtesy 


Running Their Way From Ethiopia to Istanbul (Turkish Daily 05/05/07)

Recruited in Ethiopia, Exploited in Yemen (Radio Netherlands 04/27/07)

Helen Chana Abused in Yemen

The Untold Story of Ethiopians in Cuba (TADIAS 04/02/07)

Ethiopian Youth Stranded in Cuba

Squalor And Shrinking Hope for Ethiopians Claimed to be Jewish (Reuters 03/7/07)

Falasha Mura Languish in Squalor 

The Forgotten Refugees of East Sudan (BBC 04/27/07)

Many Eritrean-Ethiopian refugee children languish in East Sudan camps


He sacrificed his life in his quest to save the people of Ethiopia from Woyane tyranny and his vision of establishing democratic governance in his beloved Ethiopia.


Kitaw Ejigu, Ph.D. 

Founder and Former Ethiopian National United Front (ENUF) Chairman

NASA Engineer and Rocket Scientist


Scientist Kitaw Ejigu Interviews, Publications

For the Record:

       "Ethiopia will develop properly only if the current government implements economic program by inviting and using the skilled Ethiopians from all over the world. Unless this is done there can not be any substantial development in the country!"
October 1995
Kitaw Ejigu, Ph.D


Aleqa Ayalew Tamiru passed away on August  19, 2007  Listen to memorial tribute report by VOA Amharic program


Send your comments and membership forms to Ethiopian National United Front  

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_ &| vO {} vR{o Bኔታ z^{ ተጎሳቁላ |ѓH"" v&FT T| zp`u] J; vx vOO` ] TI vOzRO Mw; p HReō Hቄታ O|E xJӍ HRe {m zezJ"" 

FD|/&F [ ֓ Ѳ &|式 Mx ǹQvF oJDH vRH| vd vOH| ገሪቱን x[| vOvv HDo pP JЄ vR vRc` vOJ ገሪቱንT ŏv` vOh voII vM Ѳ ከባድ p O ѓJ"" 

FD|/&F [ ֓ ምባነን ዢዎች Mv# vѲ \ ከቀዬውና ከመኖሪያ Y^ mH#| Q`v| uu Q`v| JJ cH| v` vMx I I የልዩነት መንፈስ \"" FD|/&F [ ድርጅት ገሪቱን FJ Mv# አንድነትና {] ;J የነጻነት FJ TJ| G co JR `;J m;J ^gJT""







    If your are not able to read Amharic documents on our web site you may not have the right  fonts. Please download the fonts and instal them on your computer.                                  Amharic Fonts to Read News and Documents (Download)




Ethiopian Peoples' Prayer: God Save Us From Woyane Brutality (Courtesy Bezabeh Zeleke 11/16/07)

Mordew Speaks Out on Woyane Crimes Against Ethiopian Refugees in Kenya, Sudan and Other Countries (Ethiopian Diaspora Discussion Forum 11/06/07)

Comment by Mordew Ethiopian Diaspora Discussion Forum Participant




ENUF Radio Broadcast Archive




ENUF PR15 Woyane Insanity or Abrasive Brutality (06/12/07)  Press Release by the Ethiopian National United Front (ENUF) on the TPLF Kangaroo Court Ruling Against CUDP Leaders and Others.  ENUF Condemns the unlawful incarceration of the elected members of Ethiopian parliament and demands their immediate and unconditional release.  

Listen to Woyane god-father Sehat Nega's Insane and Abrasive Interview on Aiga Forum  (Click on links below to listen)

             PART 1              PART 2              PART 3            PART 4



ENUF  Press Releases



Indiscriminate mortar attacks by Zenawi's mercenary troops have led to accusations of war crimes  EPA Photo

Transitional Government of Somalia and Meles Zenawi's TPLF Regime Are Accused of War Crimes (New York Times  08/13/07) "RUMBEK, Sudan, Aug. 13 Human Rights Watch on Monday accused the transitional government in Somalia and the Ethiopian troops that helped bring it to power of committing war crimes in Somalia, saying Ethiopian troops had shelled hospitals, Somali officials had blocked aid convoys and both forces had shown wanton indifference toward civilians."


World Renowned Paleontologist Richard Leakey. Of Meles Zenawi's pandering of Dinknesh Leakey says "It's a form of prostitution, it's gross exploitation of the ancestors of humanity and it should not be permitted," AP Photo

AP Interview: Leakey Calls Lucy Skeleton Tour 'Prostitution' - A Non-Scientific But Accurate Description of the TPLF Thugs' Smear Campaign and Robbery of Ethiopia (International Herald Tribune  08/10/07) "Ethiopia's dispatching of the Lucy skeleton on a six-year-tour of the United States is akin to prostituting the fragile, 3.2 million year-old fossil, paleontologist Richard Leakey said Friday. The Lucy skeleton one of the world's most famous fossils was quietly flown out of Ethiopia earlier this week for the U.S. tour. Leakey, one of the world's best-known fossil hunters, is not the first to criticize what some see as a gamble with an irreplaceable relic. The U.S. Smithsonian Institution also has objected to the tour, and the secretive manner in which the remains were sent abroad has raised eyebrows in Ethiopia, where the public has seen the real Lucy fossil only twice." 

RELATED STORY: Fossil Hunter Condemns Lucy Tour of U.S. (New York Times  08/10/07)


Professor Ephraim Isaac on NPR Radio, All Things Considered Program,  July 29, 2007 The professor claims that outside pressure (EU and US Congress) on Meles Zenawi's regime had no impact on Zenawi, and to the contrary the prisoners would have been released earlier had it not been for the interference. Congressman Donald Payne strongly disagrees.


An elderly Ethiopian woman casting vote on May 15, 2005. No power will be able to take away her freedom and human rights. World Vision Photo


H.R. 2003 Obstructed in the US House of Representatives- How to Deal With the Lobbyist Menace:  Bill Moyers a renowned journalist Talks about Stopping the Culture of Corruption and Promoting Open Government  in Washington (Common Dreams  04/06/06)  -  In a July 25, 2007 article Harper's Magazine Ken Silverstein  exposes the role the lobby firm of  DLA Piper (paid $50,000 per month by Meles) and former House Majority Leaders Richard Armey (R Texas), Richard Gephardt (D Missouri)are working hard to block full congressional action against the Meles Zenawi regime. Also involved is former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell (D) of Maine, Chairman of the Global Board of Piper and Co-Chair of its Government Controversies Practice Group. Ethiopia news media indicated that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D California) and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D Maryland) on Friday directed Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Tom Lantos not to mark-up H.R. 2003 on July 31, 2007. Barack Obama Claims He Wants to Clean Up Washington's Corruption ( The New York Times News Article Indicates Democrats Agree on Overhaul of Lobbying  (New York Times  07/28/07)


Visit CCEM Web Site




CCEM News Release:"Ethiopian Millennium Day" Proclaimed by Mayor Adrian M. Fenty of Washington D.C. July 24, 2007 "Washington D.C. -- Mayor Adrian Fenty of Washington D.C. proclaimed September 12, 2007 as the Ethiopian Millennium Day. In recognition of the multiculturalism and diversity of the Ethiopian Community in Washington D.C. Mayor Fenty called upon all of the Districts residents to join him in this special recognition. Spearheaded by the Committee for the Celebration of the Ethiopian Millennium (CCEM), the effort of getting recognition and proclamation from this important city has been going on for months. As a hub of thousands of Ethiopians, Washington D.C. is the heart of the Ethiopian Diaspora and Mayor Fenty recognized that the Ethiopians in his city give his District its distinct ethnic flavor.



The New York Times Image

"Hundreds of thousands of people may face famine in the Ogaden."


Meles Zenawi's Regime Is Said to Block Food to Ogaden Region (New York Times  07/22/07) "NAIROBI, Kenya, July 21 - The Ethiopian government is blockading emergency food aid and choking off trade to large swaths of a remote region in the eastern part of the country that is home to a rebel force, putting hundreds of thousands of people at risk of starvation, Western diplomats and humanitarian officials say. The Ethiopian military and its proxy militias have also been siphoning off millions of dollars in international food aid and using a United Nations polio eradication program to funnel money to their fighters, according to relief officials, former Ethiopian government administrators and a member of the Ethiopian Parliament who defected to Germany last month to protest the governments actions."


Head of the opposition Coalition for Unity and Democracy Party Hailu Shawel, in file photo, was freed from jail in Ethiopia July 20, 2007  Photo AFP-GI




Tyrant Meles Zenawi Frees 38 Jailed Opposition Figures (AFP 07/20/07) "ADDIS ABABA (AFP) - Ethiopia on Friday released 38 opposition figures, days after sparking an international outcry by slapping them with heavy jail terms over incidents that followed disputed 2005 polls. The group was pardoned by President Girma Woldegiorgis on Thursday and witnesses and relatives told AFP that they were released from their prison in Kaliti, 25 kilometres (16 miles) from the capital. "They have been freed and are heading to Addis," a witness said on condition of anonymity." RELATED STORIES: Despite Pardons, Others Still Face Trial in Ethiopia (VOA News, 07/20/07) Kinijit Leaders Released From Kality Prison (, 07/20/07)


US Congressman Donald Payne (chief sponsor of H.R.2003) with CCEM Chairperson Artist AlemTesehay Wodajo, Neamin Zeleke and Ted Dagne (left). H.R.2003 Has Been Marked-up and Sent to the House Foreign Affairs Committee of Congress on 07/18/07


Dr. Bekele Molla (center facing camera) represented ENUF at the Capitol Hill reception. 

PRESS RELEASE by the Council for the Celebration of the Ethiopian Millennium  (07/14/07) "On July 13, 2007 the evening of Friday, the Council for the Celebration of the Ethiopian Millennium in Washington DC (CCEM) held a successful dinner reception inside Rayburn Building, The Capitol Hill. Thanks to the help of Congressman Donald Payne, the House Chair on African Affairs and Congressman Mike Honda, the Chairman of Ethiopia caucus in the House, organizing the evening event inside the halls of the US congress made the occasion uniquely beautiful.  The reception dinner was attended by various Ethiopian community leaders, representatives of civic and political organizations as well as Ethiopian businessmen and scholars . The evening was graced with the presence of Congressman Donald Payne, the guest of honor, who was received by the attendees gathered there with a thunderous applause and standing ovation."




In Ethiopia, High Court Sentences Six Journalists to Prison, Four to Life (Committee to Protect Journalists, 07/16/07) "New York, July 16, 2007Ethiopias High Court today handed down harsh criminal penalties, including life prison sentences, against six journalists and three publishers on anti-state charges in connection with critical coverage of the government during the deadly unrest in the aftermath of disputed parliamentary elections in 2005, according to local journalists."


"Smoke rises after an explosion outside the Dahabshil bank in Mogadishu,  7 July 2007." AFP Photo


"In Somalia, all businesses in Mogadishu's main Bakara market have shut down, while heavily armed Somali and Ethiopian troops say they are searching for insurgents and weapons in the area. Tensions have escalated sharply in the capital since Sunday, when a grenade attack on interim-government soldiers in the market prompted the soldiers to open fire on civilians. VOA Correspondent Alisha Ryu has details from our East Africa Bureau in Nairobi. A respected Somali clan elder, Ali Sultan Ahmed, tells VOA that Bakara's normally bustling streets and allys are empty, as fearful business owners in Somalia's largest open-air market kept their shops closed."


Somali refugees, Ethiopian resistance fighters and human rights advocates held in Meles Zenawi-Geoge W. Bush African Guantanamo in Ethiopia in violation of international law..  AP Photo



The Muslim Human Rights Forum Says Somalia Refugees Held in Ethiopia Secret Prisons (Maimi Herald 07/07/07) ""Human rights activists said dozens who fled the war in Somalia are being held in secret under a U.S.-backed program. NAIROBI, Kenya - At least 76 people who were captured while fleeing the war in Somalia in January are still being held in Ethiopia under a program of secret prisoner renditions backed by the United States, Kenya and Somalia, human rights activists said Friday. The Muslim Human Rights Forum, a Kenyan advocacy group, said the prisoners -- including 17 Kenyan citizens and 20 Ethiopians -- were being held incommunicado and in violation of international prisoner conventions, and may be at risk of torture."


Starving Ethiopian child- a victim of Meles Zenawi's TPLF conglomerate monopoly of wealth and power at the expense of the poor.

The Stolen African Voice: Western Donors Have Only Widened the Wealth Gap by Buttressing the Rich and Powerful (Guardian  07/04/07) "Abutting virtually every African slum are the castles of the unimaginably rich. There is little incentive for those who hold the reins of power to redirect investments away from themselves to the very poor, given the abiding conviction on the continent that they have an unlimited capacity to weather their punishing adversities - with the help of repressive security systems, of course."


AP Photo of a tearful departure of an Ethiopian girl into the unknown.

Human Trafficking & Modern-day Slavery in Ethiopia (GVNET)

To escape the abject poverty that Meles Zenawi's Tigrean gorilla army and police have incubated, several thousand girls are lured by Sebhat Nega's conglomerates into going to Arab countries to seek employment. Most are kept as both sex objects and indentured slaves. Shame on the Meles Zenawi and Condoleezza Rice! An Ethiopian government to be established soon will reclaim Ethiopia's children forced into leaving their motherland!             

Deadly attacks occur almost daily in Mogadishu. Five women died many injured on June 26, 2007 AP Photo



Bomb Kills Four Women in Mogadishu Market (AFP 06/26/07) "MOGADISHU (AFP) - A bomb explosion in a crowded Mogadishu market killed four women early Tuesday and left at least 10 other people injured, witnesses and medical sources said. Some of the injured were in a serious condition, a nurse at the capital's main Medina hospital told AFP. The dead women were working as cleaners in the capital's Bakara market." RELATED STORIES: Blast Kills Five Women in Mogadishu: Witnesses (Reuters 06/26/07) Bomb Kills Somali Cleaning Women (BBC 06/26/07)


Ethiopian women whaling after George W. Bush's partner Meles Zenawi massacred demonstrating youth and women in Addis Abeba in June 8, 2005. Condoleezza Rice is encouraging Zenawi to do the same in Mogadishu


"Youths carrying stones in their hands charge up the road to Addis Ababa city hall during the third day of unrest on the streets of Ethiopia's capital. Minutes later, the crowd dispersed as federal riot police and special forces drive into the area in the central Piazza area of the capital. Gun shots and large explosions were heard throughout the area before heavy rain drove everyone off the streets. Addis Ababa 08 June 2005. The clashes erupted out of student protests over alleged irregularities in Ethiopia's May 15 national elections. Photo by Andrew Heavens."

"Member of the Ogaden National Liberation Front, who are fighting the Ethiopian Army in a separatist war in the desert." New York Times Photo




In Ethiopia, Fear and Cries of Army Brutality (, 06/18/07) "IN THE OGADEN DESERT, Ethiopia The rebels march 300 strong across the crunchy earth, young men with dreadlocks and AK-47s slung over their shoulders. Often when they pass through a village, the entire village lines up, one sunken cheekbone to the next, to squint at them. May God bring you victory, one woman whispered. This is the Ogaden, a spindle-legged corner of Ethiopia that the urbane officials in Addis Ababa, the capital, would rather outsiders never see. It is the epicenter of a separatist war pitting impoverished nomads against one of the biggest armies in Africa."  RELATED STORY: Alliance With Atrocity: Bush's Terror War Partners in Ethiopia (,06/18/07)  



Zenawi the butcher of Adwa says- I couldn't sleep because 'they' tried to kill me and massacre my Eritrean tribesmen. What more evidence do you need against these Ethiopian terrorists?



In Defiance of World Wide Condemnation Meles Zenawi Chief of the Eritrean-Tigrean People's Liberation Front Claims That His Regime's Verdict Against CUDP Leaders is 'Not Political' (, 06/12/07) "Ethiopia's government has denied accusations that the conviction of 38 opposition leaders was intended to stifle political dissent. Government spokesman Bereket Simon told the BBC the court was independent and had based its verdict on hard evidence. But an opposition lawyer said the suddenness of the verdict exposed the trial as a sham and mockery of justice."



Map shows semiautonomous republic of Puntland, Somalia, where U.S. warships bombarded a remote Somalia militants' base   AP Image



"A bold suicide car bomb blast targeting Somalia's prime minister killed at least four people in Mogadishu Sunday, in a sign that unrest in the war-scarred Horn of Africa nation was returning to a critical level." (AP Photo)

Bomb kills 4 Ugandan peacekeepers in Somalia (CNN, 05/16/07) "The attack using a remote-controlled bomb was the first of its kind against the 1,600-strong Ugandan contingent of African Union peacekeepers, a security source said. " AFP/GETTY Photo


Omar Hassan al-Bashir of Sudan (Time Magazine)


Time Magazine Top 100 LEADERS & REVOLUTIONARIES (ENUF Editorial)




A Call To Ethiopian Patriots to Defend Their Motherland 

Oromo Rebels Kill 11 Meles Zenawi Soldiers in Northwest Ethiopia (Sudan Tribune 04/05/07)

"Oromo Liberation Army (OLA), armed wing of the Oromo Liberation Front, (OLF) killed over 11 soldiers and destroyed three vehicles, in northwest Ethiopia. On 29 March 2007,"

Somali Insurgents fight back against Meles Zenawi's Mercenaries and their allies - Shabelle Media Photo   Empire Wars - VIDEO by, 03/28/07 


Meles Zenawi Lost at Least 15 Aagazi Soldiers in Todays Fighting in Mogadishu (, 03/29/07) Warning- Horrific GRAPHIC IMAGES "Mogadishu 29, March.07 (Sh.M.Network) At least 15 Ethiopian soldiers have been killed and others were wounded in the latest fighting raged in the Somalia capital Mogadishu, witnesses told Shabelle radio on late Thursday. The casualty on the other side was unclear but sources close to the insurgents say there are fighters killed and wounded in the battle. Some reports say that the Ethiopian forces retreated after one of its trucks was burnt by the militia." 

Somali insurgents fire on Meles Zenawi's TPLF Troop positions in Mogadishu. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images


"The Somali Capital Mogadishu Suffered Some of the Heaviest Bombardment in nine days of fighting yesterday, as Ethiopian tanks supporting the interim government shelled new areas of the city despite a claim by the Somali prime minister to have routed Islamist insurgents." (Reuters, 04/27/07)



74 Killed in Attack on Chinese Oil Venture in Ethiopia (AFP, 04/25/07) "Ogaden National Liberation Front fighters gather in Mogadishu, Somalia, in 2006. Scores of gunmen attacked a Chinese-run oil field in a remote area of Ethiopia on Tuesday killing 74 people including nine Chinese after a gun battle that lasted for almost one hour." (AFP/SHABELLE/File)

Kidnapped Chinese Workers Freed in Ethiopia (AFP, 04/29/07)

Somali insurgents fighting Meles Zenawi's mercenary forces AP Photo

Fighting Rages in Somali Capital as Bodies Rot in Streets (cnn/ap 04/23/07 "MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) -- Heavy shelling and tank fire rocked Mogadishu Monday, the sixth straight day of raging battles in the capital that have plunged the country deeper into chaos and left more than 200 people dead."




Heavy Fighting Resumes in Somali Capital (AFP 04/20/07) "Armed Islamist militiamen are gathered in the shade in a Mogadishu suburb, 18 April 2007. Heavy fighting between Ethiopian forces and Islamist insurgents has resumed in the Somali capital with exchanges of machine-gun fire and mortar shells, witnesses said." AFP Photo



Fighting in Somalian Capital kills at Least 12 (cnn/ap 04/19/07) Somali residents stand Saturday among the debris of a settlement that was destroyed by Meles Zenawi/GW Bush mercenary forces in Mogadishu. Getty Images


Fighting Breaks Out Between Insurgents and Meles Zenawi Troops - Somalia Peace Conference Delayed Again (cnn/ap 04/15/07)

Somalis search through debris Saturday, April 14, 2007 in Mogadishu after overnight shelling by Meles Zenawi Mercenary forces. AP Photo


Mogadishu Clan Elders Venture Out to Collect Bodies After Carnage (AFP 040407)

Bodies Collected as Tenuous Mogadishu Truce Holds (Reuters 04/04/07)

"A Somali man scurries away as bodies of two Ethiopian soldiers lay on a street of Mogadishu during heavy fighting, March 2007. Mogadishu clan elders on Wednesday joined medics collecting dead bodies left abandoned in streets and buildings after some of the heaviest fighting in the Somali capital for 15 years." (AFP/File/Mustafa Abdi)


Somalia's Descent to Hell: US Republican Government Sponsored State Terrorism in Ethiopia Runs Amok (Guardian, 04/04/07)

Mogadishu Exodus Grows - Reuters Video (04/02/07)



A Somali man beats the smoldering body of a soldier killed in battle for Mogadishu AP Photo  WARNING this is gruesome image!

Somali Rebels Drag Meles Zenawi Soldiers' Corpses in Mogadishu Streets (, 03/21/07) EDITORIAL NOTE: Meles Zenawi's Aagazi troops mowed down unarmed demonstrators in Addis Abeba. Alas, the same cowards are tucking their tails and running for cover/escape in the face of patriotic Somali armed resistance. Democracy shall prevail in East Africa. Tyrants will be brought before international court of justice!


"The body of a Somali soldier killed in heavy fighting in Mogadishu is dragged through the city's streets. Photograph: Mustafa Abdi/AFP/Getty"


Insurgents Drag Meles Zenawi's Soldiers' Corpses Through Mogadishu (Reuters, 03/21/07)

Rebels Drag Soldiers' Bodies Through Mogadishu Streets (Guardian, 03/21/07)  Blood on the Mogadishu Streets (Reuters Video)

ARDUF rebels want a homeland for ethnic Afars -  AFP Photo

Ethiopia Hostages 'Safe And Well' Says ARDUF (BBC, 03/20/07) ""Eight Ethiopians kidnapped earlier this month in eastern Ethiopia are safe, the leader of a separatist group operating in the Afar region has said. The Ethiopians were seized with five Europeans who were freed last week. The head of the Afar Revolutionary Democratic Unity Front told AFP news agency they were being treated well."  

Ethiopian Rebels Claim Kidnap of Europeans (Reuters,03/20/07)

Rescue Efforts for Kidnappers of European 'Explorers', Meles Zenawi Mercenaries Continues (, 03/03/07) "ADDIS ABABA (AFP) - A manhunt was on in Ethiopia Saturday after an 'unidentified group' (read Ethiopian nationalists) kidnapped five Europeans and 13 Ethiopians in the country's northeast, after conflicting reports that up to 20 foreigners had been abducted. The abductions of the Europeans and their Ethiopian staff happened on Thursday night at a camp in the inhospitable Afar region, where 'separatist rebels' (read Ethiopian resistance fighters) are known to operate, Ethiopia's (read TPLF's) state news agency TNA in Mekele quoted the police as saying Friday." 

EDITORIAL NOTE: Eritrean mercenaries (Azkaries) led Italian Fascists to Addis Abeba in 1936; but Ethiopian patriots prevailed in 1941. History will repeat it self and the neo-fascist Meles Zenawi will be removed through peaceful and or armed  resistance.  Condi, Jendi and Vicki must rest assured that they will not succeed in imposing tyrants on the Ethiopian or Somali people! Ethiopian patriotic mothers' tears will not have been shade in vain! There IS NOT an IOTA of democracy in Ethiopia!

The legacy of a brutal dictator haunts the son - Jaffar Idi Amin. Jaffar says it will be a difficult battle trying to [humanise] his father's blood stained soul.  BBC Photo



Son Breaks Vow of Silence to Defend Amin (, 02/22/07) "The son of Idi Amin has broken his family's two-decade vow of silence about the tyrant, hoping to put the record straight about the dictator following release of the Oscar-nominated The Last King of Scotland. Jaffar Amin has also called for a truth and reconciliation committee to investigate his father's reign of terror. "Dad is the only person that has ever been accused and sentenced, incarcerated by opinion, without it ever reaching any courthouse," said Jaffar, 40. Jaffar Amin does not deny the atrocities attributed to his father, and acknowledges it will be a difficult battle trying to humanise him. He says the film will compound many negative images."


Obang Metho issues an advice and warning to Meles Zenawi- the TPLF/EPRDF Fascist Dictator (02/20/07)


International Criminal Court Issues First Darfur Arrest Warrants (AFP 05/02/07) 

Ahmed Haroun of Sudan charged and ordered arrested by the ICC for Darfur crimes against humanity and war crimes respectively. AP Photo

Deadly Mortar Fire Hits Mogadishu (aljazeera, 02/21/07)

Mortar Blasts Kill 16 in Mogadishu (, 02/20/07)

"A Somali boy shows a twisted fragment of an artillery shell that hit his familys house during fighting in Mogadishu. Photograph: Shabelle Media/Reuters"

The Ethiopian National United Front (ENUF) members, family, and friends of Scientist Engineer Dr. Kitaw Ejigu participated in the First Annual Commemoration in celebration of his life-time achievements and his visionary leadership on January 12, 2007 in Los Angeles.  Click on link for details  


Professor Makonnen Bishaw, Prominent Human Rights Advocate Passed Away (Ethiopian Review, 02/21/07)


193 Protesters Said Killed in Ethiopia in June and November 2005 "Ana Gomes, who was the European Union's chief observer during the May  2005 elections, told the AP the report "exposes the lie" that the Ethiopian government is moving toward democracy."


Ethiopian youth protesters demonstrated all over Ethiopia after the May 15th 2005 fraudulent elections. Hundreds were massacred and more than 80,000 sent to concentration camps. Thousands still languishing in detention centers throughout the country.



Meles Zenawi is Accused of 'Torturing and Illegally Jailing Opponents of Regime' (The Independent, 02/09/07)

Ethiopian Youth Defying Meles Zenawi's Brutal Dictatorship. Thousands have been incarcerated, tortured, and sent to concentration camps and killed since May 1991.

Zenawi's crimes against humanity is being covered up by the US government because Zenawi is a "partner in the war against terrorism." The terror that Zenawi is meting out to the Ethiopian people is OK with the US Department of State as long as Zenawi remains a loyal "team player." 


Obang Metho with US Congressman Christopher Smith


Appeal to the Media and Policymakers to Break the Silence by Obang Metho February 6, 2007 "Ethiopians are struggling for freedom and democracy in their country and either no one is listening or worse, could we in the United States, United Kingdoms, UN, European Union, Australia, Canada, South Africa and especially the African Union have adopted a no talk rule about it in an attempt to advance our own interests? How will history and the Ethiopian people judge us if this indeed is the case? Are we creating enemies needlessly or must their movement for true democracy be sacrificed for a greater good?



Meles Zenawi's Invasion Forces Opposed and Being Attacked in Mogadishu (AP Photo) Meles continues the killings that he began in Addis Abeba in June 2005 with the blessing of the US government.





Anuak Justice Council Encourages and Challenges the AFD (Obang Metho)

Negat Radio Interview with Shaleka Yosef Yazew, Kinijit International and Kinijit North America Chairman - 10/18/06 (Courtesy

          Negat Radio Interview with Mr. Solomon Bekele and Mr. Berhanu Mewa,   Kinijit International and Kinijit North America Executive Committee Members (10/20/06)       CLICK TO LISTEN

 The Anuak Justice Council Warns All Ethiopians: Beware of the EPRDF Hate Plan to Set Moslems and Christians Against Each Other

Global Power Barometer




Press Freedom

       Under the Stigma of Contempt : Ethiopia - Annual Report 2007            (Reporters Without Borders)

PREDATORS OF PRESS FREEDOM: Meles Zenawi and 32 other tyrants suppressing  free flow of information in order to cover up their crimes against humanity. (

   "Ethiopian journalists demand release of more  than a dozen jailed colleagues during a press conference in Nairobi, May 2, 2006" (VOA   AP Photo


Eritrea, Ethiopia Ranked Among Worst Press Violators (, 10/24/06) "The global press watchdog, Reporters Without Borders, says Eritrea and Ethiopia are ranked among the worst violators of press freedom in the world, while Benin, Namibia, and Mauritius are among the best countries in Africa for press freedom. Reporters Without Borders has released its annual press-freedom report. To come up with its index, the Paris-based organization looks at such factors as censorship, threats, intimidation or physical reprisals levied against journalists as they gather and report information." 

Meles Zenawi's 'special forces' beating up foreign journalists who were reporting on the elections and protests following the May 2005 parliamentary elections (AFP Photo) North Korea, Turkmenistan, Eritrea, Ethiopia the Worst Violators of Press Freedom (Worldwide Press Freedom Index 2006 by Reporters Without Borders)


Other Press Releases




The Golden Age of Ethiopian Music- HAPPY NEW YEAR 2001

Mulatu Astatke: The father of Ethio-jazz

Tewodros Kassahun: The Millennium Generation Pays Tribute to Ethiopia.  Tedy Afro Gallant Son of Ethiopia and Meles Zenawi's Political Prisoner






Photo by ANTONIO FIORENTE/ ENGENDER HEALTH    "Dirb Wubet Abebe and her baby wait at Lalibela Hospital in Ethiopia for her 10-year-old son to be seen. She has given birth to six children. Only two survive. The others died of malnutrition." For full story VISIT Story by Rekha Basu in Ethiopia.  Watch Her SLIDE SHOW   Ethiopia is a land of spiritual, moral and natural beauty and diversity. Meles Zenawi is a pathological liar! He is robbing Ethiopia of her wealth, killing her children, and smearing her history by carrying a pauper's bag and baggage. The Ethiopian people shall prevail! (posted 10/31/06) China Woos African Trade (11/03/03)





Reconstruction of Dinkinesh (Lucy) as she is fondly named in Ethiopia.  "Lucy's" 3.2-million-year-old fossilized remains were found in 1974 in Hadar, Ethiopia. For more than 20 years it was the oldest human ancestor known to science. BBC Image

Ethiopia's Natural Resources  Ethiopia is not a poor country!  by Scientist Kitaw Ejigu







"Ethiopia  is Africa's oldest independent nation, and its second most populous, home to ruggedly beautiful landscapes dotted with the monuments of medieval Christian kingdoms"


Photo by  EPA/Stephen Morrison





Ethiopia's Cherkose Abrahim (C) and Bekele Tariku (L) compete with Kipsiro Moses (R) of Uganda in the 5000m final at the All Africa Games in Algiers July 22, 2007. REUTERS/Louafi Larbi (ALGERIA)



The Glory Trail (Guardian, 07/26/08) Abebe Bikila victorious at the 1960 Rome Olympics (Photo by Central press/Getty images) 


Abebe  BIKILA The Barefoot Runner:  Profile by 

























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